Meridian Repeater Group
UPDATE New Repeater fitted 20/10/14

In 1997 the Meridian Repeater Group was formed by users of the GB3LW repeater in London as a technical support group. Meridian currently provides the equipment and technical back up for GB3LW the central London 70 cms Repeater which is located at the London Television Center on the South Bank at Waterloo. Administration and the site are provided by the London Weekend TV Amateur Radio Society.

GB3LW currently use a Kenwood UHF base station 25 watts 25 khz with CTCSS (Tone Squelch) . The equipment and modification work were provided by Steve Fletcher G4RFC and Mike Hawkins G8WOY. The aerial system consists of one J-Beam 7047 collinear which are fed by 30 Metre lengths of Andrews LDF450 coaxial cable. The antennas and cables were installed by members of the Meridian repeater group and the Clifton Amateur Radio Society. To assist with the problems of this very radio active site, Phelps Dodge Filters are used.  To improve the reliability a UPS was added in 2009 and in  2011  a faulty TX antenna was replaced.

If you are in Central London put out a call on the GB3LW Repeater:-

Repeater T.X. Freq 430.9 Mhz

Repeater R.X. Freq 438.5 Mhz

CTCSS Tone 82.5 Hz

Steve Fletcher G4RFC is now licensee of the repeater 

Any donations would be would be appreciated, please send  to G4TJE QTHR

For further information about the Meridian Repeater Group, please E-mail to Clifton

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