A History of the Clifton A.R.S.

Legend has it that the Clifton was formed from the South London chapter of the International Short Wave League (ISWL). The first meeting was held in 1947 at Clifton Rise School in New Cross South East London. Within a year the club had moved to a ground floor and basement of a Victorian terraced house, (however the name of the club was not changed). At this location the club was able to set up a workshop, and in 1949 the Callsign G3GHN was allocated. In the early years operation from the club was mostly on 1.8 & 3.5 Mhz then 144 Mhz was added in the 1960's.

Meetings have always been weekly on Friday evenings, but at one period Wednesday night Morse classes and Sunday morning get togethers were added. For some years direction finding and local transmitting field days were organized. 

The Clifton became affiliated to the RSGB in time to take part in the 1959 National Field Day and has competed in every NFD since. G3GHN/P was on for the pilot VHF NFD contest in 1962 and has been represented in every VHF NFD since. The club also takes part in September SSB field days, one of our few chances to work any real DX !

Between 1980 & 1993 meetings were held at a variety of pubs and social centers and for a couple of years the club was back at Clifton Rise  

Clifton A.R.S  was discontinued  on the 6/8/2015, the G3GHN callsign will be held by G4RFC

Hope this introduction to the Clifton A.R.S. is of some interest and was complied with the help of G3JKY a long standing member.

G3JKY out on C.W. N.F.D. 1996 one of many the Clifton has taken part in using the callsign G3GHN/P.

He is also one of the clubs longest serving members.

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